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ICS Training


Cadets will learn the basics of the Incident Command System and Emergency Management.

Cadets and Staff will need to complete ICS-100 available from the FEMA website to be eligible to attend this training.


We will discuss Incident Command in both classroom and practical training evolutions. We will also have field trips to different Emergency Management Agencies or groups.

This training is designed to introduce cadets to the fundamentals of emergency management.  Instruction will be provided by Emergency Management personnel as well as Sea Cadet officers.  

Planned activities include 

  • Trip to Emergency Operations Center
  • Potential Visit from Bomb Squad
  • First Aid demonstration and intro to emergency medicine/first aid.
  • Emergency Communication
  • Intro to Search and Rescue
  • Emergency Operations

Some activities involve fields trips, some are demonstrations by professionals, some are hands on experiences.

Overall this training will provide a solid introduction and provide a basic understanding of the Emergency Management and Incident Command.

Seabag List


Do not bring items not on the list.  For those flying in, cadets should call parents on arrival.  Phones will be checked in and returned at conclusion of training. 

ICS Training 2018 Sea Bag


Airport Information

Airport Code:  PIT  (note airport is between 45 - 90 minutes from training site - depending on traffic)

Arrival:  NLT 1400 on 26 DEC 18

Departure:  NO EARLIER THAN 1700 on 31 DEC 18

Due to nature of flights,  we can accomodate slight deviations in arrival departure times.  

Please book refundable airfare!!

We will pick up from Airport assuming we have flight information sent to us.  All flight should arrive by 1400.  Pickup time will be dependent upon the number of people arriving.  Flights arriving after 1400 will possibly need to arrange other transportation or contact us for arrangements.  Flight delays will need communicated to us as soon as possible.  



For those driving in,  We ask that you report between 1200 and 1600.  We will do a quick check in and sea bag inspection and then release parents. 

Address for Training 

429 Duncan Station Rd
McKeesport, PA  15135

Report in civilian attire.  


Dismissal will be 12noon on 12/31/18.  


Please make payment via cashiers check or money order (please do not send personal checks or cash) and mail to

LT Anthony Waters, NSCC
813 Woods Run Avenue
Pittsburgh. PA  15212

Be sure to include a copy of your unit invoice, 001, or other similar document to identify the cadet.  

Food and Allergies

Any food allergies, please let us know ASAP.  Do not arrive and inform us of allergies as food would have already been purchased.  

We also may be around dogs.  If you are allergic to dogs, please let us know.


Pittsburgh can be cold and likely WILL BE COLD.  Please dress appropriately!  We will NOT be doing a lot of PT, but we will do some minor PT, likely indoors.  




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